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About us

Our team is our greatest asset: we develop, grow, and evolve


Welcome to “One Fluid Night” (OFN), the heart of the OFN LGBTQIA+ Film Awards and the FLUID LGBTQIA+ International Film Festival, right in London’s bustling centre. At OFN, we’re passionate about bringing LGBTQIA+ stories to the forefront, showcasing films that not only entertain but also offer a glimpse into the wide array of experiences within our community. Led by Lex Melony and the creative team at LEXME.RED, we select films that deeply connect with themes ranging from the complexities of identity exploration to the beauty of forming meaningful relationships.


Our event stands out for its interactive nature, allowing you, the audience, to engage directly by voting for your favourite films, thereby contributing to a shared celebration of queer cinema. Beyond the screenings, the evening is alive with entertainment, with Debbie Del Rey hosting and various performances adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

Our venue in London provides a welcoming space for connections and friendships to flourish. It’s an inclusive setting ideal for those who seek thought-provoking cinema, wish to connect with fellow film enthusiasts, or simply desire a night of diversity and inclusion.

Get to know the OFN team: a collective bound by our love for storytelling and our commitment to diversity. Guided by Lex Melony and backed by LEXME.RED, we bring together individuals from all walks of life, each contributing their unique perspective and expertise. We meticulously plan every aspect of the event, from curating films that challenge and inspire to ensuring an evening filled with entertainment and opportunities for connection.

Joining “One Fluid Night” is more than attending an event; it’s becoming part of a community that celebrates LGBTQIA+ stories and fosters a welcoming atmosphere for all. We are storytellers, advocates, and fans, united in our mission to create a platform where queer voices are heard and celebrated. Step into our world and experience an event crafted with love, dedication, and the collective spirit of our amazing team.

Meet our team

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