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Debbie Del Rey

An artiste should be two things: classy and fabulous…I am one of them – you decide!

Hostess & Artistic Producer

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Debbie Del Rey, a versatile performer in singing, burlesque, and cabaret, began her artistic journey with singing lessons that ignited her passion for performance. Joining 'The London International Gospel Choir' marked the start of her venture into the performing arts. Debbie further honed her skills by completing 'The Art of Drag' course, debuting as "Debbie" and later adopting the persona "Britney Del Rey" in burlesque. The Albany became the venue for their debut and evolved into a cherished West London "Vegas" residency.

Debbie and Britney, fictional older sisters of singer Lana Del Rey, face strained relations due to their habit of interpreting Lana's songs uniquely, causing her embarrassment. Despite their familial connection, artistic discord prevails.

Debbie, identifying as an artiste rather than a drag queen, embraces her transgender identity, living in a male body and identifying as a gay man. The personas of Debbie and Britney serve as extensions, not defining her core. The 'Debbie Does' shows feature diverse talents from her artistic journey, and reflecting on the past years, Debbie expresses, "These past five years have been the strangest success, beyond my wildest dreams!"

Six years ago, Debbie collaborated with film director Lex Melony, featuring in award-winning projects like 'Hold Me Tight,' which were showcased at international film festivals. Currently, they are involved in the organisation of the London-based LGBTQA+ Film Awards, aiming to recognise emerging talents in the fields of directing, performance, cinematography, animation, and documentary within the film industry, thereby providing a platform for the vibrant LGBTQA+ cinema landscape.

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