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Lex Melony

"Our fears and judgments often blind us, shackling creativity and dimming the projector of our imagination"

Founder & Festival Director

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Lex Melony, a versatile artist, photographer, producer, and film director based in London, started as an ordinary individual in Ukraine. His life, shaped by transformative events, showcases his bravery and determination to incite change, despite significant sacrifices during challenging times. Fate led him to London for film studies, where he found his calling and embarked on his first artistic projects, including photography, event organisation, and music videos.

His films and photos capture the depth of human complexity and emotions, addressing themes like unity and division. His work, exploring the intricate relationship between people and their environments, evokes thought with its striking, dreamlike portrayal of life's core desires and challenges. 

Lex Melony is known for his short films Because of Love (2020), Azazel Against It (2021), and Hold Me Tight (2022) and the production of music videos.

In 2023, Lex Melony envisioned One Fluid Night (OFN), a unique, independent LGBTQIA+ event that combines screenings of international short films, animations, and documentaries with entertainment, creating a regular, vibrant night out. With Debbie Del Rey as part of the team, they started constructing a new platform and space for sharing incredible LGBTQIA+ stories, showcasing beautiful performers, and giving awards to international filmmakers, actors, animators, and cinematographers for London's audience.

Currently working on the film production side, editing his first feature documentary and writing the script for his inaugural LGBT-focused feature film.

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