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4th Edition

Through the lens of LGBTQIA+ cinema, we journey into a spectrum of stories that illuminate the myriad facets of love, resilience, and the quest for identity


🍿 Event

The fourth edition of One Fluid Night (OFN), our LGBTQIA+ Film Awards, wrapped up with even more fantastic results! We selected 23 great stories, 12 of which were showcased in the cinema, and all 23 were featured in our online version. Awards were given out in the following categories: Best Director, Best Animated Short Film, Best Fluid Documentary, Best Performance, Best Cinematography, and our main award, Best Fluid Story.

🎥 Films

For the film screening part of the event, we showcased twelve of our Nominees: "I Hope He Doesn't Kill Me" by Lyndon Henley Hanrahan & Nora Dahle Borchgrevink, "Best for You" by Emma Mckay & Bailey Martin, "We Vogue" by Aleksander Knutsen and other Directors, "Color" by Eva Jakubovska, "As Leaves in the Wind" by Sofia Luz, "Ticker" by Thom Petty, "Growin' Pains" by Sammson Orr, "Kordovero 22" by Gal Primack Najari, "Roman Youth" by Federico Cianferoni, "Identity Card" by Luan Lamberty, "Boxed In" by Coline Stell and  "From where I came" by Eduardo Linzberg.

👨🏻‍⚖️ Judges

Our esteemed panel of judges, including Jonathan Bouzali (Producer), Ufuk Gokkaya (Filmmaker, Lecturer), Wanja Mary Sellers (Actor and Filmmaker), Branko Tomovic (Actor and Filmmaker), Myles Horgan (Writer, Actor and Educator), David Martinez (Executive Director of Raindance Film Festival), Carrie Kendall (Filmmaker and Festival Director East London LGBTQ+ Film Festival), Yorgo Glynatsis (Actor and Director), Darwin Reina (Actor, Director and Festival Director L'HIFF Festival), Jennifer Handorf (Producer), Luis Prieto (Producer, Director and Writer), Josh Farrell (Writer, Filmmaker, Lecturer) actively participated in the voting process for the "Best Fluid Story" award. They also individually selected the winners for the "Best Performance", "Best Director", "Best Cinematography", Best Animation" and "Best Documentary" Awards. 

💃🏻 Entertainment

The entertainment segment featured incredible performances by Dean Vitte, Danika Rose, Lola McQueen, Dramala Tina, and Frankie Heartless all gracing our Love-theme Bar Lounge stage with great music bits by DJ Jesus RedSoul and all hosted by the incredible Debbie Del Rey. 

🫶 Partners

We're grateful to continue our partnerships with Fashion Academy Paris, Booth&Bruce, Fetish Freak, Lady Ole, Big Fat Greek Baking, LGBTI Jobs and Genesis Cinema. A massive shoutout to our incredible audience; your unwavering support fuels our passion for showcasing LGBTQIA+ cinema. Here’s to another successful edition of OFN, and to many more to come! Love you all!

The winners will receive an award and a certificate, acknowledging the hard work and creativity of the filmmakers, actors, and cinematographers.

OFN Laurel - Winner 4th WHITE Main.png
Gal Primack Najari for "Kordovero 22"
Ian Gelder for "Ticker"
Thom Petty for "Ticker"


4th OFN Selection

The projects officially selected are the following: 


Short Films: 

  • I Hope He Doesn't Kill Me (UK)

  • Shafted (United States)

  • Sex of Death (Iran)

  • Ticker (UK)

  • Boxed In (France)

  • Color (Spain)

  • Human (Argentina)

  • From where I came (Brazil)

  • Kordovero22 (Israel)

  • Roman Youth (Italy)

  • Different (Colombia)

  • Grace (Canada)

  • CatBoy (Spain)

  • Purpura Neon (Mexico)

Short Animated Films: 

  • I Know Him So Well (United States)

  • Dysphoria (UK)

  • Identity Card (Luxemburg)

  • Best for You (Canada)

  • Growin’ Pains (UK)

  • Ice Cream Social (Australia)

Short Documentaries: 

  • We Vogue (Spain)

  • As leaves in the wind (Spain)

  • Olivi@ (Mexico)

  • Fluid Forms (Germany)

Awards Nominees

The nominees are the following: 


For Best Fluid Story: 

  • I Hope He Doesn't Kill Me

  • Ticker

  • Boxed IN

  • Color

  • From Where I came

  • Kordovero 22

  • Roman Youth

  • We Vogue

  • As leaves in the wind

  • Identity Card

  • Best for You

  • Growin’ Pains

For Best Performance: 

  • Lyndon H. Hanrahan for I hope he doesn’t Kill me

  • Anne-Sophie Soldaini for Boxed In

  • Michele Favaro for Roman Youth

  • Ian Gelder for Ticker

  • Itzik Mahluf for Kordovero 22

  • Eva Jakubovska for Color

For Best Director: 

  • Lyndon H. Hanrahan & Nora D. Borchgrevink  for I hope he doesn’t Kill me

  • Eduardo Linzberg for From Where I came

  • Coline Stell for Boxed IN

  • Eva Jakubovska for Color

  • Sammson Orr for Growin’ Pains

  • Thom Petty for Ticker

For Best Cinematography: 

  • Una Burnand for I Hope He Doesn't Kill Me

  • Claire Bouchard for Boxed IN

  • Fernanda Dojcsar for From Where I came

  • Gal Primack Najari for Kordovero 22


For Best Animated Film:

  • Growin’ Pains

  • Identity Card

  • Best for You


For Best Fluid Documentary:

  • As leaves in the wind

  • We Vogue


Genesis Cinema (London, UK)
24th February 2024 

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