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3rd Edition OFN

In the world of cinema, LGBTQIA+ films are the kaleidoscope that reflects the vibrant colours of love, identity, and the human spirit.

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🍿 Event

The third round of One Fluid Night (OFN), our LGBTQIA+ film event, wrapped up with even bigger fantastic results! We've expanded our awards to include Best Director, Best Short Animation and Best Short Documentary, alongside the existing three Award categories.

🎥 Films

👨🏻‍⚖️ Judges

For the film screening part of the event, we showcased twelve diverse short films: "Iced Glass" (Turkey), "Making Up" (United Kingdom), "5 Second Rule" (United Kingdom), "Three Wishes" (Ireland), "Heart Of Stone" (United Kingdom), "The Last Summer" (United States), "Handmade" (The Netherlands), "Tiefe Kümmernis " (Austria), "Becoming Queer Joy" (Canada), "Trans-Formation" (United Kingdom), "Coffee and Love" (France) and  "Fortune Favours the Fantabulous" (United Kingdom).

Our esteemed panel of judges, including Jonathan Bouzali (Producer), Ufuk Gokkaya (Filmmaker, Lecturer), Wanja Mary Sellers (Actor and Filmmaker), Branko Tomovic (Actor and Filmmaker), Federico Portugal (Filmmaker), David Martinez (Executive Director of Raindance Film Festival), Carrie Kendall (Filmmaker and Festival Director East London LGBTQ+ Film Festival), Yorgo Glynatsis (Actor and Director), Deborah Espect (Filmmaker and Festival Director FilmPride Film Festival), Darwin Reina (Acor, Director and Festival Director L'HIFF Festival), Jennifer Handorf (Producer), Josh Farrell (Writer, Filmmaker, Lecturer) actively participated in the voting process for the "Best Fluid Story" award. They also individually selected the winners for the "Best Performance", "Best Director", "Best Cinematography", Best Animation" and "Best Documentary" Awards. 

💃🏻 Entertainment

The entertainment segment featured incredible performances by James Daniels, Lidia Guerra, Matron, Sumner Brook, and Rhian! all gracing our new Christmassy theme Bar Lounge stage with great music bits by DJ Phil and all hosted by the incredible Debbie Del Rey. 

🫶 Partners

We're grateful to continue our partnerships with Fashion Academy Paris, Booth&Bruce, Fetish Freak, Lady Ole, Big Fat Greek Baking, and Genesis Cinema. A massive shoutout to our incredible audience; your unwavering support fuels our passion for showcasing LGBTQIA+ cinema. Here’s to another successful edition of OFN, and to many more to come! Love you all!

The winners will receive an award and a certificate, acknowledging the hard work and creativity of the filmmakers, actors, and cinematographers.

OFN Laurel - Winner 3rd WHITE.png
Edmund Curtis for "MAKING UP"
Melissa McCabe for "5 SECOND RULE"
Emmanuel Li for "Fortune Favours the Fantabulous"


Official selection OFN Third Edition

Making Up

«Making Up is set in the late 1980s, framed within the gritty drag scene of London's east end. The short film stars BIFA award-winning Dave Johns, Jessica Ellerby and Carey Thring and follows Ted who is diagnosed with a hereditary illness. Ted must therefore reconcile with his estranged daughter, Cassandra. However, being a celebrated drag queen, paired with the bitter feelings Cassandra harbours over their past, presents a larger obstacle for Ted to overcome.»

Directed by: Ryan Paige

Format: Short Film

Key Cast: Dave Johns, Jessica Ellerby, Carey Thring


5 Second Rule

«As Billie tries to convince herself and her friends that she wants a birthday party, she seems to be stuck repeating over and over the same lie she’s telling herself»

Directed by: Ilaria Schaeren

Format: Short Film

Key Cast: Melissa McCabe, Rokaya, Elisa George


Becoming Queer Joy

«Tien is the first Asian trans man to publicly come out in the Vancouver, then, gay and lesbian community of 2001. In this profound and inspiring film, Tien shares his story as a trailblazing, racialised, transgender immigrant and his journey to discovering his true purpose in life — cultivating and becoming joy»

Directed by: William Stead

Format: Short Documentary

Key Cast: Tien Neo Eamas


Heart of Stone

«A statue magically wakes up after seeing a beautiful painting in an art gallery, and tries to reach her while travelling through the artwork»

Directed by: Justine Socha

Format: Short Animation



«A documentary about the life of Samuel Williams, a trans male»

Directed by: Joel Gonzalez Prades

Format: Short Documentary

Key Cast: Samuel Williams

The Last Summer

«In Nazi Germany, the young, closeted Ben fears for his own safety as he learns that the world he lives in is about to become even more dangerous for him and the boy he has feelings for, the openly gay Felix»

Directed by: William Stead

Format: Short Film

Key Cast: Weston Warren, David Benne

Fortune Favours the Fantabulous

«Eccentric, non-binary fortune teller, conjurer and runaway Fei Liu lives and performs out of a tent in the middle of the marshes. Over the course of three days, figures and phantoms of present and past penetrate Fei's tent and plague their subconscious, threatening to unravel their way of life and throwing their future - and grip on reality - into turmoil»

Directed by: Emmanuel Li

Format: Short Film

Key Cast: Herbie Baron, Mei Henri



«Handmade is a film about the journey of coming out to yourself. Indigo is a trans man who has to come to terms with his experience of girlhood. He crafts a doll that symbolises the girl he was expected to be but then uses her as a vessel to hold those expectations for him so he doesn't have to carry them anymore»

Directed by: Anthony Granick, Nicole Lewis

Format: Short Animation


Three Wishes

«Three teenagers, wandering the streets of Belfast at night, ask themselves what they would do if they had three magic wishes»

Directed by: Will McConnell

Format: Short Film

Key Cast: Ellie McIvor, Tia Parker, Michael Townsley

Iced Glass

«The man who falls in love with the bartender in the bar he goes to every day is ashamed of his love. He fights with his feelings and decides to confess his love to the bartender»

Directed by: Mertcan Öztürk

Format: Short Film

Key Cast: Mertcan Öztürk, Nisa Nur Tetik, Onur Yavuz

Coffee and Love

«Sadomasocat est mouselover et vient de trouver son kif absolu sur le net... Une parodie fantasque des sites de rencontre et de leurs à-côtés»

Directed by: Werner Schnater

Format: Short Animation

Tiefe Kümmernis

«Ben (alter-ego: Tiefe Kümmernis) is a drag queen and art historian who sheds light on fashion and queer history on his tours through the prestigious Museum of Art History in Vienna»

Directed by: Shyam L. Jones

Format: Short Documentary

Key Cast: Ben -Tiefe Kümmernis

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