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2nd Edition OFN

"Sometimes it takes a second look to see how much you mean to someone." - Inspired by "Brokeback Mountain"


🍿 Event

🎥 Films

👨🏻‍⚖️ Judges

💃🏻 Entertainment

The second round of One Fluid Night (OFN), our LGBTQIA+ film event, wrapped up with fantastic results! We've expanded our awards to include Best Performance and Best Director, alongside the existing Best Fluid Story Award.

For the film screening part of the event, we showcased nine diverse short films: "As You Are" (USA), "Hors-Jeu (Outsiders)" (France), "Amongst The Myrtle Trees" (United States), "All the Young Dudes" (United States), "Tomorrow May Rain" (United Kingdom), "Cab Ride" (United Kingdom), "Where The Birds Cry" (Poland), "Hard Stone" (Bolivia) in our "Official Selection", and "Hold Me Tight" (LEXME/UK) in our "Out of Competition" segment. 

Our esteemed panel of judges, including Hugh Ross (Actor), Ufuk Gokkaya (Filmmaker, Lecturer), Wanja Mary Sellers (Actor and Filmmaker), Branko Tomovic (Actor and Filmmaker), Jay Worthy (Actor), Federico Portugal (Filmmaker), David Martinez (Executive Director of Raindance Film Festival), and Luis Prieto (Writer and Director), actively participated in the voting process for the "Best Fluid Story" award. They also individually selected the winners for the "Best Performance" and "Best Director" Awards. 

The entertainment segment featured incredible performances by Dean Vitté, James Daniels, Lidia Guerra, Matron, Juno Devine, Medusa Has Been, and Anthony Fort, all gracing our newly renovated Bar Lounge stage all hosted by the incredible Debbie Del Rey.

🫶 Partners

We're grateful to continue our partnerships with Fashion Academy Paris, Booth&Bruce, Fetish Freak, Lady Ole, Big Fat Greek Baking, and Genesis Cinema. A massive shoutout to our incredible audience; your unwavering support fuels our passion for showcasing LGBTQIA+ cinema. Here’s to another successful edition of OFN, and to many more to come! Love you all!

The winners will receive an award and a certificate, acknowledging the hard work and creativity of the filmmakers, actors, and cinematographers.

OFN Laurel - Winner 2nd WHITE-03.png
Daisy Friedman for "AS YOU ARE"
Bernardo Arancibia for "HARD STONE"


Official selection OFN Second Edition

Hors-Jeu (Outsiders)

«In Erdogan's Turkey, being queer isn't a crime (yet), but it can still make your life a living hell. Which is why some members of the community have decided to claim their right to exist, loud and proud, with a soccer ball»

Directed by: Hannah Cauhépé

Format: Documentary


Amongst The Myrtle Trees

«Amongst The Myrtle Trees is a 2D animated short film that centres around Camellia, a reverend's daughter in 1880's Mexico, and her struggle between following her heart and appeasing her father and his superstitious congregation»

Directed by: Yisel Tapia & Carson Stringer

Format: Animation


All the Young Dudes

«Georgia, USA, 1973. Glam rocker Billy rebels against his conservative high school, inspiring admiration from an unlikely ally with a desire to walk on the wild side»

Directed by: William Stead

Format: Short

Key Cast: Blake Lafita, Richie Gambardella


Tomorrow May Rain

«It's the middle of summer and two young men want to be alone together, the trouble is that their friends won't leave»

Directed by: Baran Yakut

Format: Short

Key Cast: Freddie Pape, Louis Hinchcliff


Cab Ride

«Set in the streets of south London, this naturalistic comedy drama sees two queer lovers bolt out of a house party, into a waiting cab where they have one eventful journey to figure out whether they are truly a match...

Or maybe these dating apps are nothing but admin, admin, admin?»

Directed by: Ola Jones & Femi Tiwo

Format: Short

Key Cast: Femi Tiwo, Michelle Nantuwa, Merch Husey

As You Are

«When an integrated queer couple spends the night together for the first time, they must confront their complex relationships with desire, sexuality, bodily autonomy, and what it means truly to love another person»

Directed by: Daisy Friedman

Format: Short

Key Cast: Bri Scalesse, Estefania Giraldo


Where The Birds Cry

«14-year-old Szymon lives in a seaside village and he is experiencing one of the most turbulent stages in his life-puberty. He spends his holidays travelling with his finger across a globe, looking for a safari, walking on the beach or meeting his friends»

Directed by: Jakub Andrzej Wenda

Format: Short

Key Cast: Borys Otawa, Jakub Gąsior


Hard Stone

«An altar boy is disciplined after being caught watching gay porn at church»

Directed by: Rommel Villa Barriga

Format: Short

Key Cast: Ladislao Cardozo, Bernardo Arancibia

The Closet

«One Evening, Quinn's wardrobe bursts open, filling his room with dazzling rainbow lights. He finds himself in a mysterious world where he must come to terms with his biggest secret»

Directed by: Thomas Walters & Charlotte Cousins

Format: Animation

Key Cast: Cata Lindegaard

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